Elevated Cannabis Compliance Conference announces tentative schedule of events for April 16th and 17th.  We are building it, will you come?


  SATURDAY, April 16, 2016


8:00-9:00 am Registration: Expo & Breakfast


9:00 am State of the Industry: Medical Marijuana Regulations & Safety Act (MMRSA)
  Opening Key Note Speaker – Jim Wood (Assemblyman and Author of AB243 & AB21)


10:00 am AB-243 & AB-266 – What you NEED to know
  A summary of the Assembly Bills that make up MMRSA and latest updates, including Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation.

Speaker: Rebecca Stamey-White (Attorney, Hinman & Carmichael LLP), Sunshine Lencho (Attorney, Sunshine Lencho, esq.)


11:00 am The New Licensing Structure

Discussion of the licensing tiers, how they interact and real-world implementation.

  Speakers: Joe Rogoway (Attorney, Rogoway Law), Tawnie Logan (Executive Director, Sonoma County Growers Alliance), Hezekiah Allen (Executive Director, Emerald Growers Association)


12:00-1:00 pm Lunch & Expo


1:00 pm MMRSA & Personal Use: Updates & Predictions
  Speaker: Jamie Kerr (Policy Director of Regulatory Affairs, California Growers Association)


2:00 pm Regulatory Agencies – Who Does What

Local Government: Who creates local licensing rules? Who governs zoning and land use? Who issues use permits? Who issues licenses under MMRSA?

Speakers: Efren Carrillo (5th District Supervisor), Erin Carlstrom (Attorney, Rogoway Law Group)


*2:00 pm Dispensary Best Practices and Creating Vendor Relationships

Speaker: Jerred Kiloh (Owner, The Higher Path)


3:00 pm Ordinance & Zoning Basics Across California

More details about the basics of land-use and zoning; resources and tips.




*3:00 pm

Speaker: Kimberly Simms (Attorney, Law Office), Pamela Epstein (Attorney, GreenWise
 Delivery Services Best PracticesSpeakers: Andrea Unsworth (Executive Director, StashTwist), Natalia Thurston (Attorney, CBD Pros) 
4:00 pm Setting Up Your Business: Corporate Structure, Best Practices & Bookkeeping

The basic “how-to’s” of formalizing your business and importance of bookkeeping.

  Speakers: Jeff Titus (Attorney, Tax Law), Diane Piccioni (EA/CPA)


5:00 pm Day 1 Ends


7:00-9:00 pm


Sippy Hour & Music Sponsored by The Hybrid Creative

SUNDAY, April 17, 2016


8:00-9:00 am  Registration: Expo & Breakfast


9:00 am Key Note Speaker – Lynnette Shaw


10:00 am




Outdoor Cultivation: Environmental Impacts & Mitigation and Dealing with the Water Bill SB-643

Discussion of outdoor growing practices and water use.

Speaker: Casey O’Neill (Farmer and Board Chair of California Growers Alliance), Patrick Murphy, Co-Founder Emerald Family Farms) and Tom Hicks (Water Law Attorney)


11:00 am Testing, Labeling & Packaging Requirements

Testing requirements under MMRSA and how to prepare. Current and future labeling and packaging requirements for California.

  Speakers: Amanda Conley (Attorney, Brand & Branch), Alec Dixon (Co-Founder, SC Labs), Dr. Robert Martin (Co-Founder, CW Analytical Laboratories)


12:00–1:00 pm Lunch & Expo


1:00 pm Distribution & Transportation Licensing Basics

Licensing types under MMRSA; who can do what and forming relationships.




*1:00 pm


Speakers: Lauren Fraser (RVR), Rebecca Stamey-White (Attorney, Hinman & Carmichael LLP)


Manufacturing Intricacies: Keeping it Legal & Safe

Speakers: Dr. Robert Martin (Co-Founder, CW Analytical Laboratories), Ryan Walsh (Sales & Marketing, The C02 Company), Kevin Walsh (Operations, The C02 Company)


2:00 pm






*2:00 pm

A Dive into Branding & Marketing

Overview of trademark, copyright & patent protection. Creating a brand: more than just a name.

Speakers: Zack Darling (Owner & Founder, The Hybrid Creative), Shabnam Malek (Attorney, Brand & Branch) & Matthew Cote (Owner & Founder, TechnoVerde)



Organic Farming & Pesticide Testing

Speakers: Alec Dixon (Co-Founder, SC Labs), Josh Wurzers (Laboratory Director, SC Labs), April Crittenden (Senior Quality & Compliance Supervisor, California Certified Organic Farmers)


3:00 pm Seed-to-Sale Technology: California Compliance
  Speaker: Amy Poinsett (Co-Founder, MJ Freeway)


4:00 pm Black Market Operating Consequences & Penalties: Worth It?


5:00 pm

Speaker: Ryan Wilber (Attorney, Wilber Law Offices)


Day 2 Ends



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