Greetings ELEVATED Attendee


The time has come!  The ELEVATED eCONFERENCE has begun!!


We apologize in the delay in getting the videos out to all of the attendees.  There were some technical difficulties, all of which we finally now have been resolved!  Thank you for your patience!! Videos are still be added to our platform daily!  So far there are 4 videos posted, a total of 19 will be on the site once we are completed.  In the meantime, we wanted to give you all access ASAP, so check your email inbox for directions and details for full access.


Just a friendly reminder to please be respectful to your fellow event attendees by not sharing this video with your family or friends.  We will be offering additional viewing platform options to non-attendees after ELEVATED attendees have had the first opportunity to review all of the footage.  If abuse is reported or noted (we can track everything!) we will change access privileges’ and passwords.


If you are having technical difficulties, please feel free to send us an email at: or click the mail icon at anytime at the bottom of the vimeo site.


Note:  If you have received this email twice, it’s because you purchased more than one ticket.  If you would like to notify us of the Name and Email Address for the person that attended the conference with you, we would be more than happy to add this to our attendee list so they will receive access to the elevated Videos on




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