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Several cannabis bills will never see a floor vote

Several cannabis bills have failed in the Appropriations committee. This influential committee is the final stop for all fiscal bills before legislation is taken up on the floor.

“It’s a bit of a relief. Now we can all focus on the highest priority legislation. It makes our work a bit easier. We are encouraged that our priority legislation is moving forward, concerned with a few bills and we continue to oppose a few. There is a lot of work left to do.”

Cal Growers priority legislation continues to move forward:

  • AB 2516: Cottage Cultivation
  • AB 2149: State Agencies: Collection of Cash Payments

Our highest priority in the immediate term is support AB 2516 and AB 2149 on the floor and engaging in the budget process to ensure key provisions in the trailer bill move forward.

We will also remain engaged on the following priority bills as they are voted on by the floor in the coming week:

  • SB 987: Sin tax; Oppose unless amended
  • AB 2243: Corrective tax; Support if amended
  • AB 2385: Measure D: Los Angeles: Concerns
  • AB 1575: MMRSA Refinements: Support in concept

Bills that failed to clear this hurdle are:

  • AB 2545: Tribal Governments; Support in concept
  • AB 2740: Drugged driving standards; oppose

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